Are Cosmetics Messing With Your Eye Health?

Did you know that many mainstream cosmetics can cause or exacerbate dry eye disease?

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month … So what better time to discuss how our beauty, hygiene, and anti-aging routines can impact our eye health.

Along with internationally renowned eyelid & cosmetics surgeons Dr. Rachna Murthy and Professor Jonathan Roos, we are launching a series of conversations, translating the TFOS Lifestyle Report on Cosmetics, debunking many myths about cosmetics, and discussing how cosmetics and practices must be eye-safe.

The TFOS Lifestyle Report: Impact of cosmetics on the ocular surface … addressed the use of eye cosmetics & procedures and how they represent a lifestyle challenge that may exacerbate or promote the development of ocular surface disease. The Report may be viewed here:

Look forward to sharing more of “The Story”!