Our clinically-tested formulas are created through the lens of your eyes. We worship them, perhaps more than you do. That is why we've blacklisted toxic ingredients found in mainstream cosmetics and skincare. We not only embrace the safe beauty movement, we're leading a new conversation about optimal eye protection and endocrine health, Informed by a science-based platform. We develop highly effective products to bring out your boldest beauty without asking you to pay the ultimate price: your health. It's that simple.

eye science platform

Our proprietary platform wields Pharmaceutical and Nutritional science to develop products that support the homeostasis of your eyes. All formulas are based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and inspired by world-renowned eye care professionals and vision health.


Your eyes breathe life. They are the original storytellers. The primary lens. Embodying your unique perspective on the world. Filtering your multi-screen journey. Whether they’re stargazing on Sicily or device-staring in bed, ÈYESARETHESTORY products boost them with confidence and protection that speak to your soul and listen to your eyes.

eyes are the story, the world belongs to the eye worshippers.