Ever Seen A Mermaid Cry

You heard right. “Mermaid Tears" are a new makeup trend and application where eye shadow (the brighter & more glittery the better) is isolated around the punctum, aka the tear duct. According to fashion mags, this is the new eye makeup trend every It-Girl is wearing. Hmm… Eye makeup intentionally applied in the tear duct can’t be a good thing. 

Why not?

First of all, where and what is the tear duct? Think of that little corner nook area in your eye by the side of your nose where that yucky blob of black makeup goo always seems to collect after a long day at the office... The tear duct is the nasolacrimal system which begins in the nasal corner of the upper and lower eyelid where a small opening lies, in medical terms, the punctum. This opening allows for the drainage of tears into the canniculi then to the lacrimal sac and finally into the nasal cavity. Yes, lacrimal means of-or relating to the tears. So, the lacrimal sac also plays a role in the flow of tears & also drains the eye of debris. Yes, that black-goo-makeup-glob is eye debris and your eye is revolting against the chemicals entering the eye. And yes, drainage of tears sounds pretty important.

So, if this opening is clogged, the tears likely won’t flow properly. Your tears are compromised. When your tears are compromised not-so-nice-things happen to your eyes (and your vision). Uh oh. Problem! Exactly.

Back to the makeup… Perhaps this black-goo-glob of makeup in your eye nook is probably how a makeup artist decided to apply ample colors in the tear duct in order to defer strange looks from people seeing an unsexy black eye-makeup-glob. It’s definitely much more attractive to paint brightly-colored product in that eye-corner! However, if your tear duct becomes blocked, you could be at a higher risk for eye infections. Think redness, eye mucus or discharge... even crusty eyelids, pink eye, conjunctivitis, and pain! Not a pretty sight. And definitely not sexy!

Leave the Mermaid Tears for the mermaids. Keep your tear ducts makeup-free by avoiding any eye-opening that produces tears.