Is Eyelash Growth Serum Safe for Sensitive Eyes ?

Is Eyelash Growth Serum safe for sensitive Eyes?

Well …

According to world-renowned eye surgeons Dr.s Rachna Murthy & Jonathan Roos of Face Restoration in London … Those with sensitive eyes, such as those with dry eyes, need to be cautious with the eyelash growth serums, particularly those laced with prostagladins (and yes, synthetic prostaglandins).

Eyelash growth serums may exacerbate or promote the development of ocular surface disease and/or have some other not-so-pretty side effects, such as:

•Ptosis (droopy lids)
•Periorbital fat atrophy
•Possible changes in eye color & eyelid skin
•Burning, blurred vision, eye redness, itching

Nutshell: Long luscious lashes may be your goal, but people with sensitive eyes are better off avoiding eyelash growth serums.

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For more behind the science of our Founder’s conversation, source the TFOS Lifestyle Report: Impact of cosmetics on the ocular surface … which addressed the use of eye cosmetics & procedures and how they represent a lifestyle challenge that may exacerbate or promote the development of ocular surface disease. The Report may be viewed here: