It's True: Eyelash Bugs Are Dining On Your Eye Makeup

  • You generally cannot see them, but a typical adult has up to 2,000 bugs living on their body at any given time, otherwise known as demodex mites. Yuck, right? Normally, they don't pose a problem. However, if an infestation or overpopulation occurs, beware! These creepy crawlies can wreak havoc on your eye health.

These bugs live on oil glands and hair follicles; this means that their eggs can take up residence in your eyelashes, and live in your makeup or even on your fake eyelashes! Think you have a clean hygiene and beauty routine? Even if you wash your face daily, you are still vulnerable to an infestation. In fact your makeup routine may be incentivizing it. Mites dine on oil, sebum, meibum, and dead skin cells. Yum! That makes the oils in your mascara and eyeliner a tantalizing menu item. Greasy makeup in general is a foodie feast for mites. They hate the light, and hence, are most active in the dark...Eating, seducing, and reproducing!

You can take steps to avoid the aforementioned dinner party at your eyes expense. We recommend removing all eye makeup each night. Also, when possible, replace your makeup every 1-3 months, particularly your mascara, as the dark moist tubes are perfect breeding grounds for these makeup squatters. We like to replace our mascara monthly! Buy minis to save money and keep the bugs at bay.

Demodex Folliculorum