Eyes Are The Story

Lash, Line & Refresh Trio

  |   SKU: KT-0010

Elevate your eye beauty ritual with our Lash, Line & Refresh Trio

This meticulously curated set offers a comprehensive approach to eye enhancement, blending aesthetics with rejuvenating care for a mesmerizing finish.

Mascara Trio Set delivers lashes that speak volumes. Its flake-free formula, enriched with intense noir pigment and a creamy consistency, works in tandem with our anti-clumping brush to amplify and uplift lashes, radiating elegance and allure.

Next step is Liquid Eyeliner, a masterclass in precision. Its sleek felt-tipped design ensures a flawless application, from subtle lines to dramatic strokes, framing your eyes with impeccable finesse.

Rounding off your eye ritual are the Refreshing Eye Towelettes. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Calendula, and Aloe, these gentle wipes provide daily ocular care, removing makeup and invigorating tired eyes, leaving them refreshed and revitalized.

Together, the Lash, Line & Refresh Trio encapsulates the essence of eyecare beauty, ensuring every glance is a statement.

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