Èyes Are The Story

Lash & Line Luxury Duo

  |   SKU: BD-0009

Step into a world of refined eye artistry with Lash & Line Luxury Duo

This premium set is designed to accentuate and define, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and precision for a truly captivating gaze.

Crafted with a flake-free formula, Mascara Trio Set boasts an intense black pigment and a creamy texture. Paired with our anti-clumping brush, each wand volumizes and elongates lashes, without irritation.

Accentuate your eye story with Liquid Eyeliner, a testament to precision and drama. Encased in a sleek felt-tipped pen, this liner allows for a seamless glide, from the finest lines to the boldest strokes, ensuring your eyes are framed with perfection.

Together, the Lash & Line Luxury Duo delivers an unparalleled combination of elegance and definition, making this an essential set for those who desire eyes that truly stand out.

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