Best Mascara Without Parabens: Eyes Are The Story Mascara Trio Set

Excerpted From: The 14 Best Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes of 2023

From excessive smudging thanks to watery eyes to redness from an irritating formula, finding a mascara that won’t bother sensitive eyes can be a challenge.

To choose the best mascaras for sensitive eyes, we interviewed four experts for the exact mascaras they always recommend to their patients. Here are our doctor-approved top picks.


This mascara from Èyes Are The Story was designed specifically with eye health in mind. Dr. Rose notes that this female-founded, eye-friendly mascara is a breath of fresh air for optometrists everywhere. “It was a pioneer product, launched intentionally with ocular safety in mind,” she explains. “Not only are the ingredients super clean, but each set comes with three mini tubes, which makes staying compliant with frequent cosmetic replacement (so you don't get unwanted bacteria buildup) a breeze.”

We love the idea of minimizing bacteria by dividing the formula into three different tubes instead of one. That being said, this product is on the pricier side at $39 for the trio. Also, it’s not available at many retailers so it's a bit hard to find.

Price at time of publication: $39

Product Details:

Size: 0.11 ounces

Shades: 1

Waterproof: No

Hypoallergenic: No

Ophthalmologist-Tested: Yes