Nylon In Mascara … Is It Safe?

Yes, nylon can be safe as an ingredient in mascara

Èyes Are The Story mascara uses nylon as an ingredient, as do so many other cosmetics on the market. Nylon is very commonly used in cosmetics as a bulking and opacifying agent.

Let’s debunk some recently posted information against the use of nylon in our formulation.

In reference to recent social media posts & blog about the use of Nylon in Èyes Are The Story mascara, it is important to note that in the original 2018 case report (JAMA Ophthalmol. 2018;136:e175723), the authors presumed that it was the eyelash extension chemicals (propylene glycol, squalane, tocopheryl), and not the inert nylon, that caused the localized reaction. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel concluded that the many nylons they evaluated, including Nylon-66, are safe in the present practices of use and concentration in cosmetics (Burnett et al. Safety assessment of nylon as used in cosmetics. Int J Toxicol. 2014;33:47S-60S).

Furthermore, according to the recent TFOS Lifestyle Report on Cosmetics, section 5.2.10, they found one documented case report of 1 mm cosmetic nylon fibers embedding in the ocular surface tissues (conjunctiva), which resulted in an inflammatory reaction. The nylon fibers that became embedded were ingredients of a “fiber-lash” mascara, which is not an Èyes Are The Story mascara. Moreover, TFOS experts noted that contact dermatitis to nylon fibers was found in other products used near the eyes, such as glasses frames and nail polish (from touching/rubbing the eyes).

Èyes Are The Story products are ocular surface science based and clinically-proven safe for sensitive eyes, dry eyes, and contact lens wearers.

The TFOS Lifestyle Report: Impact of cosmetics on the ocular surface … addressed the use of eye cosmetics & procedures and how they represent a lifestyle challenge that may exacerbate or promote the development of ocular surface disease.


The Report may be viewed at: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37061220/