What Do You Wash Your Face With?

We do it twice per day, but most of us don’t question how the simple act of washing our face may be impacting our eye health. We explore some dangers of toxic ingredients found in many face washes on the market today.

It’s true, most skincare products can include ingredients that aren’t eye friendly, and can make sensitive eyes more sensitive. From retinols, to salicylic acid, to tea tree oil, many brands will call-out an ingredient for purpose, yet they hide potential threats to the eyes. Other known nasties include parabens, phenoxyethanol, and even benzalkonium chloride.

How do these ingredients harm your eyes?
When you use a face wash containing toxic ingredients, there is a risk of these substances migrating into your eyes. These chemicals can cause irritation, redness, and even more serious eye conditions such as conjunctivitis or corneal damage.

Why is it important?
Research has shown that your eyes can be traumatized from the stripping of your oil reservoir every day while washing with many facial cleansers. Meaning — the oily substance that prevents evaporation of the eye's tear film can be compromised by certain chemicals.

What are the potential long-term effects?
Repeated exposure to toxic ingredients in face wash can have long-term effects on your eye health. Chronic eye irritation and inflammation can lead to dry eyes, blurry vision, and increased sensitivity to light. In severe cases, it can even contribute to the development of ocular surface diseases.

Why choose Èyes Are The Story Cleanser?

This is precisely why we created the Èyes Are The Story facial cleanser, with the eyes in mind!

Our cleanser is doctor-trusted for washing around the delicate eye area as well as the face! Packed with a potent cocktail of antioxidants & phytonutrients, our gentle gel cleanser multitasks to calm and revitalize stressed skin without stripping the skin barrier or compromising the homeostasis of our eyes.

This ultra-mild, non-drying, and nourishing gel cleanser is activated with Olive Leaf Extract, Resveratrol and polyphenol-rich Fenugreek seed extracts — hero ingredients rooted in eye science.

Some customers tell us they use it all over in the shower as a body wash, to ameliorate skin rashes and other sensitivities.

Now that's what we call true love!

While taking care of your skin is important, it's equally crucial to consider the potential harm that toxic ingredients in face wash can cause to your eyes. By being aware of the risks and choosing safe products like Èyes Are The Story, you can maintain both healthy skin and optimal eye health. Remember, your eyes deserve the same level of care and attention as the rest of your body.