Papa Don't Breach - Your Skin Barrier

Many products men lather and layer on their skin expose them to the same toxic chemicals and potential health concerns as women: allergies, hormone disruption, rosacea, and dry eye! We address and meet this challenge in all our formulations—while factoring in sensitive eyes and skin. This Father’s Day, let’s not forget the men in our lives when we promote safe skin regimens. Our eye-friendly formulations do double duty for dad by keeping his skin in check while not irritating his eyes.

One of our dedicated male customers noted, "I recently purchased your cleanser + serum and wanted to say that I’m loving your products — my eyes and skin feel so much more calm and are less irritated than ever, better than anything I have ever really used… I have MGD and inflammation, and I got irritations from a lot of brands that added unnecessary ingredients which I was sensitive to, and the symptoms of eye irritation did make the skin feel worse for me!"

Protecting the skin barrier

As we've previously discussed, harsh chemicals in skincare can impact our eye health. These chemicals can also insult the skin barrier! And for men, these chemicals mixed with repeated shaving can wreak havoc on their sensitive skin, making it more susceptible to damage. Razor burn, ingrown hairs, and increased sensitivities … including red eyes!

Moisturizing the skin can help reduce irritation and protect the skin barrier. "We created our skincare products as much for men as for women," says Eyes Are The Story founder Amy Gallant Sullivan. Incorporating  Èyes Power Couple cleanser and serum with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and olive leaf extract can help calm the skin post-shave and renew skin with daily use. “In addition to healing botanicals, our skincare features hyaluronic acid, which boasts remarkable moisture-retention properties — the key to achieving and maintaining well-hydrated skin and a post-shaven glow!"

Now it's easier than ever to make EYES skincare an essential part of Dad's daily routine. Use code: powerdad at checkout to “shave off” $20 from Power Couple Skincare until Father's Day!