What Is Skincare With The Eyes In Mind?

When we launched Èyes Are The Story in 2020, there was no doubt what the focus of our mission was: your eyes are our story. Every formulation we’ve launched addresses sensitivities of the eyes. But, many are not aware that we also address your skin’s sensitivity, particularly that of the periorbital area.

With an increasing consciousness of eye health coupled with the desire to maintain a youthful appearance, it is no surprise that the eye skin care market has seen significant growth in recent years. [1] The rising prevalence of eye diseases, such as dry eyes and blepharitis, is also driving awareness and market growth. Lifestyle factors such as pollution, stress, and excessive screentime also contribute to the rising demand for effective eye skincare solutions.

We were well onto this trend when we conceived our skin care.

[ Photo: Èyes Are The Story Power Couple Skincare ]

We want our customers to understand that there is a lot of marketing used to attract sensitive consumers including clean, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and organic. These terms, however, have no FDA backing and do not guarantee eye safety.

A recent study from a global scientific body committed to eye health [2] confirmed our belief:

What's Good For Your Skin May Not Be Good For Your Sensitive Eyes!

From cleansing to anti-aging skincare, we often prioritize our faces, forgetting that the delicate skin around our eyes and lids is the thinnest skin of the human body and requires special care, measuring 0.5 mm vs 1 mm or thicker for the rest of the body [3]. Some products used on or near the eyelid region can cause allergic reactions, ocular surface toxicity, and even superficial burns. By being absorbed into the skin or spilling over onto the sensitive eye surface, a myriad of irritations can arise.
Dermatologic skincare formulations for the face are made to penetrate more deeply than those designed for the thin eyelids, so it made sense to us to create products specifically with sensitive eyes in mind.
Èyes Are The Story is the first skincare line that uses ocular surface science to transform stressed skin while protecting sensitive eyes.

Skincare Tips for Sensitive Eyes

1. Keep retinols away from the eye area
2. Avoid face washes with salicylic acid and parabens
3. Stay away from products with fragrance
4. Limit use of essential oils (e.g. rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oil)
5. Remove eye makeup before bed
6. Don’t scrub, be gentle 
7. Speak with your eyecare professional if skincare products/routines make your eyes more sensitive
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